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SMART Insurance

An Innovative and Exciting Protection Product

SMART Insurance Services provides cover against small minor accidental damage caused by everyday driving such as dents, scratches and scuffed bumpers.

By taking out a SMART Insurance policy your customer can maintain their vehicle in perfect condition and as you know keeping a car in showroom condition, without compromising a customer's no-claims bonus, and will also help protect residual value for both you and your customer.

Having a national network of specialist repairers we can provide a convenient and professional mobile repair service that focuses on both quality and customer satisfaction. This niche product can be sold as a stand alone product or embedded into a current F&I product sold today.  Consumer and distributor benefits alike are highly perceived and  recognised.

Make the SMART move:

  • Proven track record in delivering SMART Insurance
  • Fully FCA Compliant
  • Outstanding earning potential
  • A simple product that's easy to sell
  • No financial investment or risk when selling SMART Insurance
  • Compliments your sales portfolio and processes today


Smart Insurance covers a car against:

  • Chips up to 3mm in diameter
  • A scratch up to 30cm in length and 3mm in depth
  • A dent up to 30cm in diameter and 3mm in depth, where the panel has not been ripped, perforated or torn
  • A scuffed bumper up to 30cm in length and 3mm in depth


Customers can benefit the SMART way by:

  • Safeguarding their no-claims bonus
  • Keeping their vehicle in showroom condition
  • Protecting the resale value of their car
  • Access to a convenient and professional mobile repair network
  • Take advantage of no premium increases following a claim
  • Liaise with our experienced and friendly claims team


For those unexpected accidents the SMART repair system uses the latest technology, enabling minor repairs to be completed quickly and effectively at your customer's convenience.